The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in regular session this 26th day of July, 2016 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:34 p. m. with the following members present: Mayor William H. D’Aquilla, Aldermen James Davis, Alderman James R. Leake, Alderman Robert P. Leake, Alderman Abby T. Cochran and Alderman Gigi Robertson. Also present were Attorney Jesse Means, Police Chief Scott Ford and Town Clerk Shannon Sturgeon.

Absent: Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh

The pledge was led by James Davis.

On motion by James R. Leake, and seconded by James Davis, the minutes of July 8, 2016 were approved as submitted. All in favor, motion carried.

Damon Dawson:

1. Inquired about the Architectural Landscape Plan for Hwy. 61 and if the angel memorials at the Hwy 61 & Hwy 10 intersection would get to stay. Mayor D’Aquilla stated that the DOTD has jurisdiction over items in their right-of-way and that DOTD could choose to remove them but that the Town did not have any plans to remove them.
2. Inquired about previously discussed plans for building a new facility at the farmer’s market location. There are currently no active plans due to funding and there has been some discussion on possibly moving the Rural Homestead on that property.


Introduce Ordinance 2016-4 - “An ORDINANCE Amending and Operating Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for the Fiscal Year Beginning September 1, 2015 and Ending August 31, 2016 and Also Adopting an Operating Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for the Fiscal Year Beginning September 1, 2016 and Ending August 31, 2017”.

Motion made by Abby T. Cochran to introduce Ordinance 2016-4, seconded by Robert P. Leake. All in favor, motion carried.

Hwy 61 Gas Project
Mayor D’Aquilla provided a revised estimate from Bianca Hillhouse of PEC to provide the gas line extension with the customer responsible for connection cost is $126,856.10. No further action taken at this time.

PEC Update
Engineer Bianca Hillhouse of PEC was absent. Mayor D’Aquilla presented her update.

LGAP/CWEF Grants Status:

• 1415-CWEF-WFL-0102EF $250,000.00
• 1415-CWEF-WFL-0101 $35,000.00
• CWEF Application submitted April 2016 $35,000.00 (not yet awarded)

Burnette Road Bridge:

• Request for $500,000 additional funding is back in P2 at the State Capital Outlay

New Water Well #4:

• Contractor has mobilized this week.

Permitting & Planning Updates -Building Official, Eric Parnell
Biweekly building official update for 7-28-16

• Performing weekly site visits and any required site inspections requested for hospital. Plywood skin almost complete.
• Jonathan Beckham house on Hartson Street – foundation poured.
• Continuing to update information in the MyPermit’s database. (Permit & Occupancy Certificate)
o Waiting on new occupancy certificates.
• Bayou self-storage continuing construction. Should be complete in a couple of weeks.
• Spoke with Claude Barron. His new construction is arbitration. They are currently in the fact finding process and expect arbitration to be scheduled next month.

The Board requested that Attorney Jesse Means contact the lawyers for both arbitration participants and inquire about the status. They also requested Mr. Means to review the abandoned property process and provide an informational report at the next board meeting.

Mayor’s Report

• Reminder for the Louisiana Municipal Association’s Annual Convention starts this Thursday in Alexandria, LA.
• Provided a Section 1 map to all alderman and newly qualified candidates for alderman in attendance, which showed what area is included in Alderman Gigi Robertson precinct. Alderman Gigi Robertson was unopposed during qualifications and therefore re-elected.

Police Report – Chief Scott Ford.

• Provided a follow up report in regard to the noise complaint received at the last meeting. The sound level at The Francis was tested twice last Friday and they were found to be in compliance. Alderman Robert P. Leake requested that the police department continue monitoring all businesses that have outdoor music to make sure the noise ordinance is enforced fairly.

Main Street Report – Laurie Walsh was absent.

• Laurie is participating in a meeting at the library to help establish a community calendar.
• All election candidates have been sent a copy of the Town’s sign ordinances which states that residential properties can display up to (2) signs with a total maximum square footage of eight square feet and commercial properties can display (1) sign with a total maximum square footage of sixteen square feet.

Motion by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by James Davis to adjourn at 6:01 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

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Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk                                   William H. D’Aquilla, Mayor